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10 Reasons to Hold Real Estate Instead of Flip with Turnkey Real Estate Investing podcast

Flipping houses can make you rich, but holding them will make you wealthy.

Even long time real estate investors will attest that if they could start over… they would have sold less and held more.

Learn why you shouldn’t wait to buy real estate… but instead buy real estate and wait.

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Here Are Your 10 Reasons to Hold  Real Estate Instead of Flip:

1) Appreciation is coming though you may not know exactly when it comes. Demand for supply is full proof with real estate.

2) Cash flow and passive income is a powerful wealth creator for those that hold real estate.

3) Leverage allows anyone to grow investment portfolio using other people’s money

4) Above average ROI that will get you to your financial destination faster. Real estate will provide a return on investment that makes Wall Street blush.

5) Amortization; that is principle pay down on the tenants dollar.

6) Depreciation as a tax write-off along with the multitude of other tax benefits to real estate investing.

7) Hedge Against Inflation as property values and inflation run neck and neck and rising rents allow for increased income.

9) Financial Freedom and Epic Wealth is available to anyone.

10) Control of real estate like no other business allows you to decide your financial future for yourself.


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